There's A New Fast Food Sensation – Feast Your Eyes On The All-Day-Breakfast Munchy Box

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Breakfast Munchy

The public's fixation with the munchy box doesn't seem to be fading anytime soon, as there's a new spin on the decadent treat: the all-day-breakfast munchy box.

If you haven't come across the munchy box before, they sprung up in takeaways across the UK and Ireland in the past few months and people kinda lost their shit over them.  

Basically, it's just a box filled to the brim with a takeaway's most unhealthy and downright delicious food with a few sauces on the side. In fairness, they do look pretty savage.

Its latest iteration, however, is a slightly different beast. Rather than the full-on grease feast of a standard munchy box (or the even more ridiculous variety box), the all-day-breakfast munchy box looks a bit less unhealthy (we really must stress just a bit), while still retaining that certain irresistibility of food served in a box (don't try to deny the truth of that). 

Take a look at it below.

Breakfast Box

Pic: Cafe Number 10

The innovation in breakfast-boxing is offered by Cafe Number 10 in Ayr, Scotland. Local customers are going crazy for it, with the café's initial social media post about the unique munchy box receiving over 200,000 views in a matter of hours.

Owner Jacqui MacNaughton told Daily Record about the public's response,

We decided to do the PR to drum up business but it’s gone nuts. There has been so much demand. We even got a call claiming to be from Australia to see if we could deliver one.

One can only hope that that Australian was taking the piss.

The hearty meal comes with two potato scones, two pieces of bacon, two link sausages, two sliced sausages, two black pudding, two pieces of haggis (obvs), two toasted bagels, two slices of French toast, mushrooms, scrambled egg, and two teas, coffees, or can of soft drink.

It's being hailed as Ayrshire's ultimate hangover cure... despite the fact that it's essentially just a fry up in a pizza box.

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