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13th Apr 2017

This Asian Street Food Place Has An Absolutely Genius Deal On Its Food Today


Ed Sheeran mania is sweeping the city, and people are going a little mad.

So mad in fact, that Asian ‘junk food’ restaurant Bread and Bones are offering 20% off the bill from their full menu if you just so happen to have one very important thing in common with Ed.

Yep – today is gingers’ lucky, lucky day.

Bread and Bones tweeted the great news, saying: “They came. They ate. They soothed their sunburnt skin.” Eh, ok, but 20% off yeah? Unreal.

Bread and Bones do some of the tastiest Asian fast food you’ll try in Dublin, including fresh banh-mi, monster kimchi fries, and pork dumplings.


Hands up who’s quickly throwing a lil red tint on their gruaig?

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