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There’s A Sumo Suit Run In Marley Park Next Week And It Looks Feckin Gas

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People always say that 5k runs are “fun runs” but lets call it out once and for all – they’re lying, runs are NOT very fun.

This is what I’ve always thought anyway (please, do not judge my slowly moving, unfit self) but then we heard about this hilarious Sumo Suit run that is taking place in Marlay Park on the 23rd April.

Yes. A SUMO SUIT run. How goofy is that? 

The Purple House 5km run will give you the chance to leg it in an inflatable sumo suit with all your mates through the leafy park – how glorious.

The aim of Sumo Run Ireland is to raise funds to support everyone affected by Cancer in Ireland, so all that sweatin’ in your suit is for a great cause.

You can still register online here for just €20 which is a feckin bargain considering you’ll be doing your bit for charity and be able to pose in the most ridiculous get up ever with your group of mates. Or be a lone sumo runner, you do you boo.

See you there?

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