PICS: Have You Tried This Bar And Restaurant In Phibsboro Yet?

Perfect for Thursday food and drinks...

Whit Main

A new bar and restaurant opened up this week in Glasnevin, and we've just scoped it out. 

The Whitworth Dining & Bar is the name, and they're serving up an extensive food menu, fine wine, craft beer and lovely cocktails.  

This place is all about the gin, with a DOG (Dingle Original Gin) menu including the Cumber Collins (gin, muddled lemon wedges, cucumber syrup, soda and cucumber sheet), Ginito (gin, muddled lemon wedges, gomme syrup, basil leaves and soda), Watermelon Rickey (gin, lime juice, watermelon syrup, soda and lemon zest), and more.

In the place that formerly housed The Porterhouse North, it's got a beer garden in the back is a flawless spot for a sunny day in Dublin – pack in the masses, and the atmosphere will be off the charts. 

Take a look at the place and what they've got on offer below.

Whit Main
Whit 15
Whit 25
Whit 24
Whit 23
Whit 22
Whit 21
Whit 20
Whit 19
Whit 18
Whit 17
Whit 16
Whit 14
Whit 13
Whit 12
Whit 11
Whit 10
Whit 9
Whit 7
Whit 6
Whit 5
Whit 3
Whit 26

Great food, great drink, great atmosphere – what more could you ask for? Definitely (Whit)worth a visit this weekend.

You can find The Whitworth at Cross Guns Bridge, Glasnevin.

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