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20th Dec 2016

3 Takeaways To Choose From This Friday Night


It’s Friiiidaayyyyy.

Congrats, you’ve survived the week. Now it’s time to celebrate. And no, we don’t mean via a sweaty nightclub with horrible teenagers, we mean via nutritional sustenance i.e. tasty, tasty grub.

We’ve picked out the best around for your pleasure. All you have to do is choose…

1. The Po Boy, Ugly Duckling

Named as one of our top sandwiches to try before you die, the Po Boy from Ugly Duckling is made up of deep fried crispy prawns in a cajun creole mustard mayo, lettuce, tomato on a baguette. 

It’s heavenly, it’s decadent, it’s perfect. 

2. Super Green, Cocu

And now for something completely different…

Sort yourself right out with the greenest box going from the lovely people at Cocu. In here, you’ll find broccoli, avocado, courgetti, quinoa, feta and sprouted greens, all topped with Asian dressing.


3. Fried Calamari, Fish Shack Café

The calamari is a favourite in this place for a reason: it’s bloody incredible.

Fish Shack Café‘s spicy calamari, served with chips, is a heavenly way to end your week AND in their take-home version, they add fine breadcrumbs to insure the fried fish arrives to you crispy and delicious. 

Now get eatin’.

Fish Shack

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