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06th Sep 2019

This Ranelagh Restaurant Is A Cheese Lovers Dream


Picture your happy place: Does it involve seven types types of Swiss cheese, all perfectly melted and oozing with cheesy goodness just waiting for you to dip chunks of fresh, rustic bread into?

We’re fairly positive that everyone’s happy place involves melted cheese.

So we’re going to share our favourite feasting spot with you fellow cheese cravers – Edelwise restaurant, in Ranelagh, an authentic Swiss haven specialises in the mother of all cheese delights: Fondue.

Now you might have images of corny 70’s fondue parties come to mind, but banish them immediately, because fondue is back to stay in all its gooey glory.

Edelwise are masters in the art of fondue, serving theirs in melting pot on a rechaud (fancy lingo for plate warmer) for two or more people.

But honestly, get one all for yo’self, because this is something you’re not going to want to share around. Just LOOK at all this melted beauty.

We’re not worthy

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Our Swiss saviours offer a insane seven different types of fondue to choose from as a main course, including their classic smooth fondue with four cheeses, to their pièce de résistance…

The Fondue Corsé, which has a total of seven delectable Swiss cheeses (Gruyère AOP Corsé, Gruyère AOP Primeur, Vacherin Frib. AOP Classic, Vacherin Frib. AOP Extra, Appenzeller Classic, Appenzeller Surchoix, Toggenburger Rustico) melted together for your pleasure.

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There’s also one with entire garlic cloves in it, which is probably best eaten when you don’t have any smooching plans, or a fondue with chives that is divine.

They sometimes have an ultra-gourmet white truffle fondue if the season is right – these guys don’t mess around with their fresh and tasty produce.

If you really want to treat yourself (and trust us, you do, you really do) then you have got to order a side of air cured Swiss mountain beef to swirl around the melted magic.

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Other dunking options include baby potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, pickled silverskin onions, or pickled gherkins, and we can assure you that they all taste SO tasty covered in a creamy layer of Gruyere.

It’s a solid choice to bring a group of friends, as the menu has something for all tastes, including a chicken Cordon-Bleu and a classic stcheak.

Oh, and they also do the cheese craze of late; Raclette.

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Located less than 15-20 minutes from town, Edelwise is sure to become your cheesy cheat meal location of choice.

Let’s face it, fondue is the dream. Welcome to your new happy place.

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