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11th Jan 2022

“We have held out as long as we can” Another Dublin deli raises prices amid new supply costs

Katy Thornton

sandwich cut in half on a chopping board

We think this is a trend that is likely to spread to more cafés and restaurants in Dublin.

Only days after 147 Deli on Parnell Street announced they were raising their sandwich prices, Tír Deli has made a similar announcement. The Baggot Street deli posted on Instagram last night to explain why their prices were going to change.

The caption reads:

We have held out as long as we can but we need to make some small price increases. Our costs have increased across the board from packaging, produce, utilities and the ol’ covid closures, our pricing strategy will always be to keep them as low as w can while sourcing seasonal produce from local farms.”

This will likely be a trend we see across the board when it comes to restaurants and cafés. Last week a Donegal restaurant owner lamented on Twitter how the cost of everything had gone up and Kaph on Drury Street agreed, saying the increase appeared to be generally about 10% on everything.

As if hospitality weren’t having a difficult enough time at the moment. We sympathise with them as they deal with this new obstacle.

Header image via Instagram/tir_deli

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