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18th Oct 2020

We tried two new burger joints in Dublin this week and they were delish

Alan Fisher

We tried two new burger joints in Dublin this week and they were delish.

You have got to check both of them out.

It’s not easy to rock burgers as Dublin has plenty of options.

We’ve Wow Burger, Bunsen, and Bujo to name a few.

But two new restaurants have popped up and we got to check them out.

The first isn’t technically a burger joint as they do sandwiches during the day and some unbelievable cookies but their dinner offer is a burger.

Say hello to Hush:

Their burger was incredible. Even though they are thin patties, it is still really juicy.

Two thin patties, covered with cheese and all the other good bits.

We also got to try some bits off their lunch menu like the pastrami sandwich and the chicken sandwich.

As you can see from the video, we also got our hands on the insane Hot Chip cookies.

Next up is Dash Burger:

They are bringing the new style of burger to Ireland where they smash the patty while on the grill.

Which is where they get the name ‘smash burgers’.

Again, two thin beef patties stacked on top of each other with loads of cheese.

Crispy and juicy.

We also tucked into some cheesy fries and arancini which are similar to jalapeno poppers.

These new additions do pose some questions now, though.

Which is the best burger joint in Dublin?

Which one do you check out first?

We’ll leave that up to you.

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