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06th Feb 2023

‘We won’t be sour about it’ Dublin pub asks for stolen Blur milk carton to be returned

Fiona Frawley

side by side images of the milk carton from Blur's Coffee and TV music video and the interior of The Big Romance pub

“People do silly things with a few drinks on them”.

There’s many an individual among us who may have been partial to swiping a pint glass, toilet paper roll or traffic cone during a night out over the years. There’s something about a few drinks that awakens the klepto within, and I’d say the majority of us have woken up the morning after a night out with a strange object you don’t remember bringing home, be it human or inanimate.

One venue to find themselves victim of such a crime is The Big Romance, who have issued a call out for their beloved original Blur milk carton to be returned after it went walking over the weekend.

In a post on Instagram, Big Romance management wrote:

“Someone has run off with our original Blur milk carton which has a lot of sentimental value. It was actually bought at a Blur show years ago and was loaned to us by a mate”.

The Dublin 1 boozer have promised there’ll be no judgement if the milky memorabilia is returned safely, adding:

“We genuinely have no hard feelings, people do silly things with a few drinks on them, and would really appreciate if the individual could drop it back to us”.

The Big Romance have asked their followers to share the post, insisting it’s “never too past it’s sell by date” to return the prop, and that they “won’t be sour about it”.

Any information about the carton’s whereabouts would be dairy much appreciated.

Header image via Instagram/thebigromance

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