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03rd Jan 2017

8 Things You Can Do To Make Your Body Feel Better After Christmas


While we may have had great intentions to stick to the ‘everything in moderation’ mantra over Christmas, many of us fell at the first site of a box of Roses and a bottle of Baileys.

We’re not going to feel bad about it though, as Christmas is a time of throwing caution to wind… even if it leaves you feeling a little less than healthy afterwards.

The return to the office signalled the start of our new healthy regime so if you want to make sure you’re in tip-toe shape instead of feeling like a sack of spuds, try these…

Start your day with some lemon water

The liver can often take a battering over Christmas so help it to detox by squeezing a full lemon into some warm water and drinking it when you get up in the morning. It reduces oxidation and inflammation in the liver, as well as having lots of Vitamin C to ward off any colds.

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Rehydrate before you dehydrate

Increased alcohol consumption will always leave you dehydrated so it’s important to make a conscious effort to have a steady intake of water once you get back to your routine. We find that filling a two-litre bottle and leaving it by the desk/couch is a good start!

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Get some fresh air

We know how tempting it is to just sit on the couch after a day’s work but a short burst of exercise will get increase bloodflow and make you feel great. Try a brisk 30-minute walk with a friend, or check out an exercise class in your local gym. Many gyms will give you a free one-day pass during January to check out different options.

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Stick to regular meals

It requires a bit of willpower but ditching the snacks is one easy way to shed those festive pounds. Cook healthy nutritious meals at home and ignore the boxes of biscuits in the office.

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Hit the vits

If your diet has been 50% carbs, 30% turkey and 10% alcohol, then it might be time to tuck into something healthy. Try these recipes for a super-charged vitamin smoothie to boost the immune system.

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Give your digestion a helping hand

Overconsumption of heavy foods can play havoc with your digestion so if you’re feeling a bit sluggish, try increasing the amount of fibre in your diet and adding spices like turmeric, ginger and cumin to your meals.

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Ease yourself in

The ‘New Year, New You’ vibes might be encouraging you to hit the gym five days a week and start a juice diet but it’s just not sustainable for most of us. Start by making smaller changes and build your way up.

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Treat yourself

Yes, even people on a health buzz get to have some treats! If you’re fed up of boring sandwiches, try popping out with a colleague to one of the gorge healthy cafés in town. Check out a list of some of our faves here and here.

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