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25th Aug 2017

8 Cheap, Cheerful And Healthy Lunch Options Available In Dublin City In 2017


Dublin is currently dominating in the health food stakes, with a new wholesome café popping up round every corner. And at reasonable prices too. Happy days!

Here’s a list of 8 spots where you can get a (surprisingly tasty) health fix, and not require a mortgage in order to pay for it…

1. Industry, Drury Street

Industry‘s food is colourful, detailed and absolutely deadly. 

Their regular salad boxes (with up to 4 salads inside) are HUGE and only cost €7.50. Otherwise, get yourself a salad box with meat and soup for €10. And trust us – it will keep you going all day.

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2. Alchemy, Lower Leeson Street

Alchemy is a real hot-spot for Dublin’s health-conscious. 

Their most expensive salad is €9.50, but it’s their delicious Paleo Stew at a measly €6 that’s the real winner here. 

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3. Staple Foods, Grattan Street

Staple Foods is just going from strength to strength these days, with more and more people realising just how bloody brilliant everything tastes. They provide salads with vast quantities, which in no way scrimp on the quality in the least. €7.95 for a nutritious lunch you’ll struggle to finish.

(But don’t worry – they have doggy bags.)

Staple Foods

4. Food Monkey, Redmond’s Hill

New kid on the block Food Monkey, has done us all a favour and started selling whopper food for next to nothing right in the middle of town. Salad boxes are €3.50, gourmet toasted sandwiches are under a fiver, and sandwich of the day is €5.50. 

Take a bow, Food Monkey.  

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5. Sprout, Dawson Street

Sprout is run by two Dublin lads with a genuine interest in health food.

Sprout do one of the best lunches in Dublin at the minute and with everything costing around €7, you can’t really go wrong. 

They also have new locations on Mount Street and down on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay!

6. KC Peaches, Nassau, Pearse, Dame Street & Stephen’s Green

KC Peaches is slowly, but surely, taking over the south side of the city – and how could it not, with its healthy produce and very reasonable prices. 

Their small salad boxes are €4.10 and have the ability to hold enough to feed a small family. Also their salads are constantly changing, so there’s no chance of getting bored. They also have two daily soup options which are always winners.

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7. Chopped, Baggot Street

Chopped has become a staple these days, with rush hour queues out the door and Irish celebs gushing about how deadly it is to have such a spot on their doorstep. 

Their salad bowls are all hit around the €6 mark, but can you really put a price on how smug you’ll feel after having a salad for lunch?  

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8. Blazing Salads, Drury Street

Blazing Salads is another place which may seem intimidating at first, but is truly a treasure trove inside. 

Not all items on the menu are cheap and cheerful, but their halloumi and falafel pittas (made fresh daily and stored in the fridge) are about €3, and when paired with one of their soups you’re onto a real winner. 

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