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29th Dec 2016

7 Super-Simple Smoothie Recipes To Drag You Through The Week Like A Boss


Feeling a bit sluggish? Here are seven super-simple smoothie recipes that you can try out this week – they’ll certainly put a pep in your step!

Avocado and Pear Smoothie

Four simple ingredients, and all the nutrients you could possibly want to get your week trucking. It may sound a bit odd, but it tastes phenomenal.

  • Check out the recipe here

Kick Ass Zingy Summer Breakfast Smoothie

Nothing like a few oats in a smoothie to really bulk it out and make sure you stay full of energy all morning long. This one really packs a kick, with ginger and kiwi providing the flavour.

  • Check out the recipe here


The Healthy Breakfast Smoothie That Fills You Until Lunchtime

Speaking of staying full all morning long, you won’t do much better than this – and mango and passion fruit will ensure your tastebuds are happy too.

  • Check out the recipe here


Breakfast In A Glass – Kiwi Workout Fuel

Packs in the carbs, fats and the taste into one small glass of smoothie goodness. Energised just thinking about it, so I am.

  • Check out the recipe here


Blueberry, Banana, Spinach And Berocca Morning Boost

Berocca? Seriously?


  • Check out the recipe here

Mango, Raspberry And Lime Morning Kicker

Few things work better in smoothies than mango – and it combines with some other top-class ingredients here to create a serious festival of flavours.

  • Check out the recipe here

Mega Mango And Blackberry Blast

What was that we were saying about mango again? Oh yes. It’s amazing.

  • Check out the recipe here

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