This Person Made A Fool Of Themselves On The Luas By Doing This Specific Bus Gesture

This can only be done on Dublin Bus, no exceptions.


There is one thing you need to do when you are on Dublin Bus and it is almost the unwritten rule of public transport.

In fact, this single tweet about Dublin Bus went insanely viral because everyone could relate to the one golden rule about that specific mode of transport.

You can be as unsociable as you want on the bus, sit on the outside and block off someone else from getting a seat if you want.

But, once it comes to your stop and you are getting off, you need to immediately thank the bus driver.

No exceptions, it is the golden rule.

However, this is just a fact of life for Dublin Bus, not every other mode of transport.

Doing this on the Luas, for example, will just leave you looking like a mug.

That's what happened to Irish Independent columnist, Colette Browne...

She said on her Twitter that:

"Momentarily confused the LUAS for a bus and shouted 'thank you' to no one in particular when I was getting off"

Mortifying but very kind of Colette to try and transfer her bus etiquette to the LUAS.

Doubt it'll ever catch on though...

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