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02nd Aug 2018

Stop Looking We’ve Found The Most Fucked Up Renting Story In Ireland

Darragh Berry

Following yesterday’s long and heated letter to the Minister For Housing, we’ve came across one of the most fucked up stories when it comes to renting in Ireland.

A girl by the name of Laura shared this on her Twitter on Wednesday and if anything indicates that the housing crisis needs to be looked at right this minute, it’s this.

She begins:

“Dad was just telling me about a friend’s daughter who was looking to rent a room in Bray.

“She saw one listed for about €530 per month so she went to view it. So she meets the landlady and is shown a standard enough room with a double bed. Grand.

But it gets very creepy…

She continued:

“except the landlady then tells her that this side would be her half of the bed and the other would be for another tenant.

“For €530 per month, this wagon was telling her she had to share a bed with a stranger.

“How does anyone think this is acceptable?? What the actual fuck?! If it had been me I would have gone off on that woman. She should get in the sea. And so, the horror stories of looking for places to rent continues.

I do not know the people involved, nor how to contact them. This was something I heard from my parents (because they like to tell me things from their friends) which I’m sure resonates with many and has happened to a few. We need to change this.”

Sad part is, that landlord will probably get someone for that one half of the room eventually.


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