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16th Apr 2020

10 simple pleasures Dubliners are missing right now

James Fenton

As 2020 began with rumblings about a virus in China, nobody could have envisaged the effect it would go on to have on Ireland and the wider world.

We certainly wouldn’t have imagined that a global lockdown would effectively be in place by the middle of March and all the best things to do in Dublin would be stopped. If we had, we might have taken a minute to appreciate the simple pleasures that come with living in the capital.

With most of us confined to a 2km distance from our homes for the time being, we’re having to do without our favourite places, drinks and activities. However, when all this is over, we won’t take any of these experiences for granted again.

Let us know what else you’re missing and if you fancy reading a Galway version, you can do so here.

Toners beer garden

With the weather picking up, the bustling beer garden would be heaving right now. The chatter and hum of one of Baggot Street’s busiest spots is a sound we all can’t wait to hear again.

Teddy’s ice cream

Another summertime necessity, fingers crossed we’ll get one of these into our gobs sooner rather than later.

Roaming around the Phoenix Park

Whether it’s taking pictures of the deer, chilling out by the Wellington Monument, or just getting lost in the woods, we long for the days when we can spend an afternoon here.

The Great South Wall Walk – one of the best things to do in Dublin

Nothing beats the sea air smacking you in the face as you walk out to the lighthouse and back again. More about that here.


Some of the finest views over Dublin can be found here. Alas, it’s a bit more than a 2km stretch for most people.

The pubs of Capel Street

Arguably the city’s finest row of food and drink establishments. Check out our in-depth guide here.

The walk to Croke Park

It’s a stroll Dubs have taken with have taken quite regularly in recent years. All roads will lead to Croker once more.

Standing outside Kehoes on a Friday after work

Who needs a seat when you’ve got the gorgeous Dublin sun soaking your skin? We’ll be clinking glasses here and vowing to get the next bus home before we know it.

Having lunch on the grass in the city centre

Whether it’s Stephen’s Green or Merrion Square, the atmosphere on a sunny day is always amazing.

Botanic Gardens

The sights and smells of the northside gardens are sorely missed and we’ll appreciate all of them as soon as we can get back.

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