Looking For Something To Do? Take A Stroll Along The Great South Wall Walk

By seank

July 9, 2019 at 8:57am



Days off work were made for adventures, yet we often don't appreciate it enough – spending it in bed watching Netflix, only to inevitably realise that we've wasted yet another day.

We're all about reclaiming your free time, whether hungover or not, they're perfect for getting out and about with friends or family, and grabbing a nice lunch or dinner once you've gotten a bit of exercise (or taken a golden photograph for Instagram).

Plus you can feel all smug when you're back in the office, boasting about how many kilometres you walked over the weekend.




The beauty of walking The Great South Wall all the way out to Poolbeg Lighthouse Walk is that it's quite close to the city centre, so there's no need to drive for half an hour in order to get a bit of fresh air.


The best way to access the start of the walk is to head towards for the roundabout on the southside beside the Eastlink Bridge in Ringsend.

Take the exit directly opposite to the one leading to or from the eastlink, which is a wide road and take the first left on to Pigeon House Road, and after a little take the sharp right turn.

After a few minutes of driving through industrial warehouses, and past the ESB chimneys you will reach an opening with a stunning view of Sandymount strand. You'll come to a carpark and the beginning of the South Wall.


You could literally not be any more smack-bang in the middle of Dublin Bay if you tried – the path along the South Wall is pretty wide, like a promenade. It's a 4km walk, and takes between 30-40 minutes depending how brisk a pace you decide to walk.

When you reach the lighthouse at the end of the pier you'll have stunning views no matter which way you look. If you're facing towards the southside you'll be able to take in view of Dun Laoghaire, and Killiney head as well as the mountains in the background on a clear day.

You also may witness some ships and trawlers coming into the port, and the Eastlink bridge rising for them which is quite impressive to watch.

An 8km walk that takes between 60-80 minutes shouldn't be too taxing, so give it a lash today – and if you take some cool photos don't forget to share them with us using the #lovindublin hashtag.