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17th Dec 2019

The case of the stolen Strawberry Hall Santa has taken another twist

James Fenton

It’s the 2019 Christmas mystery that is gripping Dubliners and the case of the missing Strawberry Hall Santa has taken another twist.

Yesterday, we reported that somebody had stolen a three-foot tall Santa Claus from the Strawberry Hall, arguably the most Christmassy pub in Dublin. Not only that but the runaway St. Nick was also spotted on what’s being called a ‘high-profile’ Instagram account, indicating that the guilty party is well known around the city. Still with us? If not, you can catch up on the story here.

This morning has provided a further update as it now appears the stolen Santa has had a new Instagram account set up for him and is now touring Dublin, taunting its owners from around the city.

The account was spotted by those at the Strawberry Hall who posted ‘So it seems our stolen Santa is gone on tour around Dublin and now has his own Insta account?!? Stay tuned we suppose.’

The account in question is called @strawberryhall_santa and depicts the hostage at various places including Ikea, Flannery’s pub, St. Brigid’s GAA club in Castleknock and even outside a Garda station.

In one caption, the Strawberry Hall is told that ‘I’m off on an adventure, I’ll be back soon, stop stressing.’

Lovin Dublin reached out once again to the distraught elves at the Strawberry Hall who assured us that this isn’t a set-up and they just wanted Santa back at his grotto where he belongs.

They added that “if he came back on Christmas Eve it would be like a movie.”

While we’re all hoping Santa returns home, it looks like this story is going to run and run. With only a week to go, let’s hope the culprits find it in their hearts to #BringBackSanta before it’s too late.