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16th Dec 2019

A Dublin pub’s stolen Santa has appeared on a ‘high-profile’ Instagram page

James Fenton

In yet another example of why we can’t have nice things, one of the Santa Claus ornaments from the Strawberry Hall has been stolen.

The Strawberry Beds pub, famed for going all out on its Christmas decorations, has launched a social media appeal for the child-sized Santa to be returned. All is not lost however, as it appears there is a lead in the case, according to one of the Strawberry Hall elves who told Lovin Dublin that “we know a picture was shared on a high-profile Instagram account but we won’t name them. He was taken on Saturday night, we’ve had him for 10 years and we want him returned.”

A post on the Strawberry Hall Facebook page says that ‘all will be forgiven and we may even put you up a pint but fail to bring him home and you’ll be forever on the NAUGHTY LIST!’

The elf went on to describe the missing Santa as “three feet tall with a red velvet suit. It was last seen in the dart room at Santa’s grotto at the Strawberry Hall on Saturday night.”

A high profile, eh? This has us coming to all sorts of conclusions about who the light-fingered Santa thief could be. If you have the little guy propped up in your living room or you know someone else who does, it might be time to come clean.

Otherwise, it’s a lifetime on the naughty list, which sounds less than appealing it has to be said. The Strawberry Hall has long been known as one of the most Christmassy pubs in Dublin and we popped in recently to get a proper glimpse of their festive set-up.

Let’s hope Santa is returned in time for Christmas. If you have any information, you can contact the Strawberry Hall via their Facebook page.