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21st Jun 2022

The quirkiest yoga classes to do in Dublin right now

Katy Thornton

yoga classes dublin

In honour of World Yoga Day!

June 21st is both the longest day of the year, as well as World Yoga Day. Yoga has grown in popularity in recent years, known for its physical and mental health benefits, and there’s no shortage of spots to do it in our capital city. But if you’re looking for some quirkier yoga classes in Dublin, something a little bit different, then we’ve got the perfect list for you.

Immersive Yoga

Location: RDS 

No doubt by now you’ve either visited the Van Gogh Immersive Exhibition yourself, or seen it all over your socials. Well, yoga master Maura Rath is leading a series of yoga classes in this immersive environment, where yogis will practise their downward dog pose surrounded by rainforests and waterfalls. This yoga series opens on World Yoga Day, and continues throughout the summer, so you have plenty of time to get involved.

I myself will be trying it out in a few weeks and am am absolutely buzzing to get involved (and I’m no yogi, I can’t even touch my toes). You can book tickets HERE.

Image via Rob Kenny PR

Rooftop Yoga

Location: The Marker

Can you get more glam than this? Now that the summer season has finally rolled around once more, so has The Marker’s Rooftop Yoga classes. These classes will take place every Saturday morning between 8:45am and 9:45am, a very zen way to start off your weekend right.

Guests of the hotel can avail of this for free, whilst non guests will pay €25 per class. All equipment will be provided for you but those participating are welcome to take along their own bits.

Image via FleishmanHillard

Baby Yoga

Location: Drury Street

This class may be taking a little break in July, but if you’re a parent and want to find a cute activity with your child then baby yoga is the way to go. Dublin City Hot Yoga teaches this class in their Drury Street studio and we think it’s an incredibly sweet way to bond with your baby, whilst also having a host of benefits for both parent and child.

Outdoor Yoga and Restorative Sea Swim

Location: Dún Laoghaire 

As one of Dublin’s top yogis, we had to include another of Maura Rath’s classes within this article. We wrote all about her outdoor yoga and sea swim sessions HERE. Definitely one to check out if you’re an avid sea swimmer or just love the idea of doing some yoga by the seaside.

Hot Yoga

Location: Kilmacud

If you want an extra workout, Hot Yoga is the route to go down. There’s something incredibly cleansing about moving your body whilst sweating profusely, and you will feel like a whole new person afterwards. 360 Hot Yoga is just one of the studios in Dublin doing these classes – there truly are tons of options if you want to give this particular class a go.

Just make sure you’re not wearing any makeup; that possibly goes without saying but I dared draw in my eyebrows and wear some mascara and it was a TERRIBLE idea.

yoga classes dublin

We hope we have thoroughly inspired you to partake in some quirky yoga classes this World Yoga Day. And don’t be put off if you’re a beginner; there’s always a first time for everything and take it from me, someone who is certainly no expert when it comes to yoga, there’s always a benefit to throwing yourself into something new.

Header image via Rob Kenny PR 

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