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13th May 2022

Visiting Dublin? Try this new Walking Food Tour

Fiona Frawley

group of people on a walking tour

Trying to find somewhere to eat is one of the biggest struggles when visiting a new city.

We’ve all been there.

You spend the weeks prior trawling bloggers Insta highlights and researching local restaurants, meticulously planning the foodie weekend of dreams in the city of your choice. You arrive and quickly realise all the spots are at least a bus and a train journey away and after dragging your unimpressed partner along for about two hours, you find out that adorable cafe or cool tapas place is closed on Saturdays. Just me?

If you’ve been caught in this predicament before and are planning a trip to Dublin, book yourself a day out with Walking Food Tours. The new venture by foodies Kevin and Aoife Adams is designed to showcase locally produced Irish food and drinks, while learning a bitta local history at the same time.

Walking Food Tours currently has two tours on offer – Food on Foot and Beer on Foot. The tours take place in and around the Liberties in Dublin 8, an area often described as the heart and soul of Dublin city centre. It’s also officially the 15th coolest place to live in the world, thank you very much.

Participants will discover the tastiest street food and beer Dublin has to offer visiting five locally run food and beverage stops on each tour. Born after months of lockdown in August 2021, the aim of the tours is to help support the recovery of the local hospitality, while also sharing Kevin and Aoife’s great interest in Irish food and drinks.

Speaking about the tours, Kevin said:

Our passion is to showcase locally produced Irish Food and Drinks and to share that experience with our customers whilst embarking on an engaging walking tour of the city. It’s not a fine dining experience, we don’t offer lobster or champagne; we have researched the best local street food and drink the city has to offer and built it all into a fun filled informative walking tour of Dublin city.

Walking Food Tours operate five days a week (Thursday-Monday). Head to their WEBSITE for more info and to book your spot.

Header image via Instagram/walkingfoodtours

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