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14th Sep 2022

Pasta Pronto to team up with Moss Lane on Pearse Street

Katy Thornton

pasta pronto moss lane

A match made in heaven!

The collaboration we didn’t know we needed. Pasta Pronto, which does exactly what its name would suggest, is opening a second location with Pearse Street bar Moss Lane.

Pasta Pronto is a food truck that first launched at Brook Pub by Portrane beach alongside Doughbox in June 2021. Its focus is on quick and easy pasta, in an array of sauces and toppings, everything from basil pesto and mac n cheese, to burrata balls and garlic salami. The best part? You choose everything from the type of pasta, to the sauce you want it lathered in.

In January Pasta Pronto moved on to Eatyard at The Bernard Shaw, and now they’ve expanded with a second location entirely.

As for Moss Lane, they’re relatively new to the Dublin hospitality scene. They launched on Pearse Street back in March, with an excellent selection of craft whiskeys, beers and cocktails. Their choice of whiskeys is ever-changing, pulled from the very best Irish distilleries. A perfect spot for a post-work drink.

Now that Pasta Pronto and Moss Lane have combined their individual talents, the Pearse Street haunt is bound to become even more popular, both for a bite to eat, as well as a tipple or two. You can check out the initial menu below, with more delicacies to come, specifically for the Moss Lane location.

Image via Instagram Stories/pastaprontodublin

Keep an eye on their socials to find out exactly when Pasta Pronto is opening its second spot. As someone who has been dying to try both locations, I will be making it my business to go as soon as possible.

Header image via Instagram/pastaprontodublin

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