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10th Jan 2018

We Could See Al Porter Back On Our Screens Sooner Than We Thought

Darragh Berry

TV3 have refused to rule out airing Al Porter’s last six remaining episodes of Blind Date according to The Irish Sun

The publication has found that the comedian is still writing at home and when they contacted Head of programming for TV3, Bill Malone, he said that Porter’s show had not been talked about in the spring schedule. 

“Today is the spring schedule launch and Blind Date was never in the spring schedule launch. So it was never going to be discussed,” Malone said. 

An insider told the publication that the unseen episodes could be aired at the end of 2018 as the channel looks to recover the €500k that was spent on them.

The news comes after TV3 decided to undergo a rebrand, 20 years after the television station was launched.

Porter’s career has gone into turmoil since the allegations of sexual misconduct emerged in November 2017 leading him to resign from his Today FM show. 

The 24-year-old is alleged to have sexually assaulted a young patient in St.Pats in 2015 and although the patient in question has issued a complaint about the incident to St.Pats, Gardaí have still not been contacted by the hospital

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