Capel Street to be the largest traffic free-space in Dublin from next month

By Fiona Frawley

April 27, 2022 at 12:10pm


A win for one of the city's buzziest streets.

It's official. Dublin City Council have voted in favour of pedestrianising Capel Street from next month, in a move that will make it the largest traffic-free space in Dublin (bigger than both Grafton Street and Henry Street).

The council met this morning to discuss and decide on the pedestrianisation, after a a DCC report on the traffic free proposal showed there were 1,311 submissions from the general public in response to the proposal, 97% of which were in favour. There were also 201 submissions from residents in the area, 86% of which were in favour.

What started out as a six-week trial to facilitate an outdoor summer last year has resulted in a permanent change to the central street, which is to be pedestrianised for good with ongoing review.


Capel Street will remain open for delivery vehicles from 6am-11am, like other pedestrianised streets in the city, and will otherwise be completely traffic free.

Gear yourself up for pints outside Jack Nealon's, dancing under the neon lights and rainbow flags of Pantibar and your choice of al-fresco sushi, dumplings and pho.

A great win for one of Dublin's favourite streets!


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