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23rd May 2022

DCC vetoes LEGO style entrance for Grafton Street store

Katy Thornton

lego style entrance has been blocked for grafton street store

The Dublin City Council has said no to the LEGO block style exterior.

We were all very excited to learn that Dublin was getting its first ever LEGO store on Grafton Street. The toy company is set to occupy the space where Topman used to be, and aims to mix both digital and physical LEGO aspects to create an immersive shopping experience. This kind of shopping has been described as Retailtainment.

Plans for the shop could be delayed now however; the DCC have blocked the inclusion of a LEGO style entrance on Grafton Street, according to RTÉ News.

Their reason behind the veto is this:

Such an intervention would not complement or harmonise with the architectural character of the existing building or the streetscape, would be visually obtrusive and would set an undesirable precedent for similar type development.”

DCC has also blocked the use of cinema style light boxes, referring to them as “clutter“.

LEGO were planning on replacing the shop front as it is badly worn, according to RTÉ News. While the DCC have limited the LEGO style entrance specifically, they are reportedly encouraging “the continued use and modernisation of the front facade of this building.”

How LEGO will proceed with the decor of the shop’s entrance remains to be seen. Hopefully this setback won’t hold up the shop’s progress; it was set to launch in Dublin this summer.

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