'Don't give up on town' - Dublin business owner says in wake of last week's riots

By Fiona Frawley

November 29, 2023 at 1:42pm


"I've been a long-time cheerleader of Dublin. I love her. Yes, she's got her problems, but haven't we all?"

Tropical Popical owner Andrea Horan has always been vocal about her love for Dublin, as well as the obstacles those living and working in the city face.

Almost a week on from the violent clashes and unrest in town last Thursday, worries regarding the soaring price of rent and depleting night life have been replaced from the forefront of people's minds with the question, "is town safe?"

In the wake of the riots, we've seen headlines detailing arrests and an increased Garda presence on Dublin's streets, but strolling through town this week it's clear that many people are opting to avoid the city.

It's understandable that people are frightened - the riots made global news, with several countries issuing warnings to their people about visiting Dublin. However, business owner and activist Andrea Horan has urged Dubliners not to "give up" on the city, stressing that it's more important than ever to support Dublin businesses and spend time and money in town.


"Don't give up on town"

In a post on Instagram, Horan warned of the risks of Dublin deteriorating further, writing:

"I worry about ppl giving up on her though. Or have already given up.

"I'm thinking of politicians & DCC.
I'm thinking of ppl not feeling safe in the city.
I'm thinking of artists who can't afford to create there.
I'm thinking of ppl choosing not to go in cos it's easier to stay in the suburbs.
I'm thinking of businesses worried about their staff.
I'm thinking of the layer of extra difficulty trying to do anything in the city.
I'm thinking of all the dead space from a mixture of dereliction, speculation and empty dead areas behind glass that used to be shops providing an extra layer of eyes".


The Tropical Popical owner added:

"We can't collectively give up on her. We have to fight to keep her heart pumping. We have to demand what she needs and deserves to carry on as a capital city. We have to as businesses keep operating in her. As consumers, keep spending money in her and support the businesses fighting on. We have to keep visiting her, spending time in her and relishing her. Cos if we stop caring, she's just gonna deteriorate even further.

"We have to keep loving her. We have to fix her. We can't give up on her".

The post has gained substantial traction, with a number of Dubliners echoing Andrea's sentiments.

"Really well said Andrea. Up Town", journalist Richard Chambers wrote. "I love her & am happy to give her all my money", added content creator Fionnuala Moran. 

If you're looking to keep on supporting Dublin businesses and need inspiration for where to head out to, we're always on hand with extensive lists and reviews of restaurants across a number of cuisines, as well as great cafés, bars and more. Let's keep Dublin's heart beating - it'll take a village.
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