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24th May 2023

Dublin Airport warn that all their carparks are sold out for the coming days

Fiona Frawley

Dublin Airport parking

DAA are recommending alternative transport options.

If you’re traveling to the airport in the next few days and were planning on using the long term or short term parking facilities, you may need to reconsider.

Dublin Airport have advised that all of their car parks are sold out and expected to be full over the coming days, warning that passengers who haven’t yet booked parking will need to look at other ways of getting there.

Speaking to RTÉ News, DAA Communications Manager Graeme McQueen said that the situation was the result of large numbers of people travelling daily and the closure of the privately run parking facility near the airport.

Mr McQueen pointed out that 96,000 passengers are travelling today alone, and one-fifth of the parking spaces usually available have been closed since the pandemic.

He told RTÉ:

“That car park is sitting idle at the moment. While that’s not on the market to consumers it’s putting a real squeeze on our own car park so we are keen to see that carpark being re-opened as soon as possible.

“We’ve made an offer to buy that car park, that offer has been accepted but the competition authorities are taking a look at that to make sure they’re happy with the deal so we’d be hopeful that we can get that car park back into action as soon as possible.

“We would love that to happen in time for summer but that’s looking unlikely at the moment.

Responding to the news, Twitter users were less than enthused at the prospect of getting to the airport via public transport, with one person taking the opportunity to point out the regularly discussed absence of a train to the airport.

Dublin Airport replied that they would “very much like” there to be a train link, and even have a space reserved for a potential station.

To be continued.

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