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15th Jul 2020

Dublin City Council issues warning to locals in the Finglas area

Sarah Finnan

Dublin City Council

Locals in the Finglas area have been warned than an illegal waste collector is doing the rounds at the moment with both Dublin City Council (DCC) and Dublin Fire Brigade urging people never to give junk to an unauthorised rubbish collector. 

Dublin City Council has urged the public to be on the lookout for an illegal waste collector in the Finglas area. Warning locals to be wary of unauthorised rubbish collectors, DCC took to Twitter to remind people to always ask to see a waste collection permit.

“Residents of #Finglas, please be aware that an #illegal #waste collector is operating in your area  & a collection service has been advertised for Wednesday the 15th of July. Never give junk to an unauthorised rubbish collector. Always ask to see a Waste Collection Permit! #Dublin”

Also sharing a photo of the collection poster, according to the advertisement they will be carrying out household collections in the area between 9am and 12pm.

Dublin Fire Brigade later retweeted the warning, reiterating DCC’s concerns and writing:

“Please do not give your waste to these collectors. The waste that they can’t make money from will be dumped and set alight causing harm to land and pollute the area.”

Header image via Shutterstock/rubbish in Dublin city centre

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