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03rd Feb 2018

Dublin Fire Brigade Have Issued A Warning To Anyone Heading Home After The Rugby Tonight


Toast burning, bacon frying in a mountain of butter on a pan that’s WAY too hot and – more than likely – the high possibility of forgetting to turn off the heat makes drunk cooking a risky pastime that we’re all guilty of doing. 

Before you know it, not only are you waking up with a hangover but oh… Your house has burned down. 

Considering the amount of people out on the lash in town tonight after watching the Six Nations Ireland Vs. France match, Dublin Fire Brigade has issued a warning to anyone thinking of cooking themselves a meal while still half sloshed.

“We want Johnny Sexton to be the only thing on fire today”

They warned of the dangers of drunk cooking and have advised everyone to either treat themselves to some food during the match or grab a takeaway on the way home. 

Sure if Dublin Fire Brigade say so then we’ll be hitting the chipper…

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