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13th Oct 2019

Dublin Firms Urged To Move Away From 9am Start Time

James Fenton

If you’re in favour of an extra hour in bed every morning, you could soon get your way.

The Labour Party is calling on big Dublin firms to stagger their working hours in order to relieve pressure on morning transport services. Senator Kevin Humphreys believes that if some companies move away from the usual 9am start time, overcrowding on morning trains will be reduced.

“Already some of our primary schools have changed their starting times to try and avoid rush hour for the parents and children ,” he said, before adding: “Our big employers like Google, who employ 8,000 people in the city centre, maybe also have to look at staggering their start times.”

Humphreys went on to highlight how desperate the rush hour situation has become, saying: “A young lady fainted at Blackrock, but only hit the floor at the Grand Canal Dock station. They were packed in like sardines, and the pressure of the crowd kept this young lady upright.”

Last month, Irish Rail introduced a new service which allows commuters to asseess which trains are more crowded than others each morning.

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