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16th Jan 2019

PIC: Dublin Pub Takes The Piss Out Of Latest Brexit Twist By Naming Their New Beer This

Darragh Berry

Theresa May has just survived a motion of no confidence.

The vote would have seen the Government being torn down leaving a General Election on the horizon.

Attention now turns back to present and the current Prime Minister has firmly ruled out revoking Article 50.

Speaking in the House of Commons after the vote, May said that:

“I am pleased that this House has expressed its confidence in the Government.

“I do not take this responsibility lightly and my government will continue its work to increase our prosperity, guarantee our security and to strengthen our union.

“And yes, we will also continue to work to deliver on the solemn promise we made to the people of this country to deliver on the result of the referendum and leave the European Union.”

When the UK voted to leave the EU over two years ago, Dublin Pub 57 The Headline Bar released a beer titled: ‘Big Mistake Brexit’.

And now, they’ve released a brand new one called ‘Article 50, Brexit Stout.’

“Two years ago our neighbours voted to leave the party and we chose to recognise it with our beer “Big Mistake Brexit IPA” see next tweet

“They’re at it again so here’s our new brew,” the pub tweeted.

The first beer became so popular that it was picked up by an English newspaper.

We’re sure they would have only loved to have seen a General Election coming up. We wonder what they would have called that beer?

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