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PIC: Tweet About Cork’s Bus Service Compared To Dublin Is Going To Leave You Very Cross

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I must admit, it was a big culture shock moving to Dublin and trying to get used of the buses.

I don’t think I was one of those people who tried to hand the bus driver a fiver but I definitely threw in €4 and waited for my change along with my receipt.

Not happening.

Hopping on the bus means either one of two things, you better have the exact change ready or pray that there’s money on your leap card.

But, you don’t have this problem down in Cork. Only have a €50 note on you? No problem.

Want your change back in all €1 coins? Sound as a bell.

“Buses in Cork are wild, firstly you get change? And a woman just asked for her change to be in €1 coins only. Like Dublin Bus would absolutely fling you off for such a request.

“Everyone is so calm though even after the bus turned up 25 minutes late and nobody seems to possess a leap card. There’s no full fare validator either so it takes an age for everyone to get on the chuffing bus.

“Okay the bus driver waited for an old man to properly sit down before he departed, Cork Bus has just gained many bonus points.”

Of course, for anyone who has hopped on a city bus anywhere, the likes of getting change back and waiting until you get a seat before the bus takes off is something that happens in every county except Dublin.

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