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04th Oct 2018

VIDEO: Footage Emerges Of Dublin Taxi Driver “Chasing And Driving At Cyclist” In Terrifying Clip

Darragh Berry

Footage posted on Streamable shows a Dublin taxi driver allegedly “chasing and driving at” a cyclist.

Both are said to have ran red lights and the driver can be seen going to the wrong side of the road and driving on the footpath.

It is unclear where the footage was taken but it is the second video involving a taxi driver and cyclist in Dublin in recent weeks.

The dashcam footage starts with the bike and taxi out of sight but both quickly overtake the car with the camera.

The camera shows the taxi driver going into the cycle lane and the cyclist trying to get away from the taxi driver.

The taxi driver is eventually blocked by a car going in the correct direction and in turn, mounts the footpath.

Dublin cycling said that:

“That is absolutely outrageous. Driver needs to go to jail and should never be able to drive a public service vehicle again.

“This is where the anti-cyclist media narrative is leading us. Many drivers now consider cyclists subhuman.

“We’ve been dehumanized. We’re vermin.

“This video is like watching a crazed man trying to swat a fly that’s been annoying him.”

The incident begins starting at the :25 second mark.

This follows a video that surfaced showing a cyclist accusing a taxi driver of knocking him down on purpose.

The taxi driver looks to drive in front of the cyclist before breaking harshly, thus forcing the bike into the back of the car.

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