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07th May 2020

Ireland could be getting an extra Bank Holiday later this year

James Fenton

Ireland could be in line for an extra Bank Holiday later this year, Junior Minister for Tourism Brendan Griffin has suggested.

Mr. Griffin was speaking in the Dail yesterday about the possibility of an extra Bank Holiday at the tail end of the year. Given that St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and the May, June and August Bank Holidays all fell or will fall under some version of lockdown restrictions, Mr. Griffin feels that an extra day off will provide a boost to the economy.

The Kerry TD said: “Coming from a county that is so dependent on tourism, I have felt for a long time that an additional Bank Holiday, either in the earlier part of the year or the tail end of the year, would be very helpful.”

Health Minister Simon Harris had previously said that an extra Bank Holiday could be a possibility.

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