Liffey Valley welcomes new bus plaza to increase bus services amid parking fees

By Katy Thornton

February 21, 2023 at 1:22pm


Bus services to the city centre are expected to increase by 50%.


It's no secret that the new parking fees at Liffey Valley shopping centre have been unwelcome, to say the least. The staff at Liffey Valley have been protesting the new charges since before they came into effect, with one of their main gripes being the lack of public transport routes going to and from the centre.

On Sunday February 19th, a new bus plaza was unveiled at the front of Liffey Valley shopping centre, as part of the BusConnects programme being rolled out across the city. This will make it easier for shoppers and workers to get to the centre, with considerably more bus services running each hour as a result. The new bus plaza provides a hub for services connecting south and west Dublin, north Kildare and the city centre.


According to the Liffey Valley website,

"The opening of the new bus plaza will support a 75% increase in bus services. The revised network will see the number of buses increase from 12 buses per hour per direction to 21. Bus services to the city centre are also expected to increase by 50%."

You can read more about the new bus plaza at Liffey Valley and the increased routes and services HERE.

Header image via Instagram/liffey_valley


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