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17th Jun 2020

Dublin beauty clinic details new measures in place for reopening

Sarah Finnan

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A popular fixture in Dublin 2, staff at the Wicklow Street Clinic are busy preparing to reopen to the public.

With Penneys stores across the country having just reopened, many people have now turned their attention to beauty clinics and hairdressers – naming them amongst the top businesses they’ve missed over the past few weeks. Alongside pubs and restaurants of course, but that’s a given.

Awaiting clarification from the government on when exactly they’ll be allowed to reopen in the country, salons are busy putting measures in place to ensure they’re ready when the time comes. Including Dublin’s Wicklow Street which has detailed a number of health and safety precautions that they will be following upon reopening.

Located at 13 Wicklow Street, the clinic is a popular spot with Dubliners and already looks set to be very busy once reopen.

Updating the public on what to expect going forward, the clinic revealed that it will be bringing in UV Light sanitisation machines, to ensure that the clinic’s air and surfaces are pathogen-free. Proven to kill viruses and bacteria. The clinic has decided on these machines as they are compact enough to move from room to room and have 360 degree light dispersal, ensuring that anything a therapist may have missed while cleaning is fully sanitised – providing an extra layer of confidence for the customer.

A new verification cleaning system called VERI- SAN will also be put in place and staff will be required to wear full PPE gear (visors, gloves, masks, aprons) as will clients who will have to wear a mask while visiting.

Recognising that it’s an anxious time for both beauty therapists and clients alike, staff have said that a sterilised workplace is of the utmost importance. Rasa Levinaite, MD of The Wicklow Street Clinic commented:

“We looked at lots of different ideas to help restore client confidence in the clinic, including handheld UV sterilisers, but they seemed impractical as you need to hold the light there for 15 to 20 minutes, the UVSAN system is a lot more workable for us as a clinic. We can rotate treatment rooms and leave it to work sterilising the room before the next client arrives.

“The VERI-SAN system is much more practical and hygienic for our staff than using paper, as it’s all documented and signed digitally on a phone or tablet. Plus it ensures that we can 100% prove to the client that the room was cleaned to the highest standards.”

Adding that they’re hopeful beauty clinics can reopen on the 29th of June, they’re assuring customers that they’ll be more than ready if they get the go-ahead.

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