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25th Jan 2019

A Customer At This Dublin Garage Has Just Won A Life-Changing Amount Of Money

James Fenton

“If you’re not in, you can’t win.”

A mantra we’ve all probably lived to regret at some point but every now and again, taking a risk might just happen to pay off. Take this Tallaght mother, for example, for whom buying a scratchcard has just paid off massively.

The National Lottery has confirmed that a customer at the Mace Maxol shop in Templeogue Village has walked away with a whopping €500,000, just by picking up a scratchcard on a trip to the shops.

A statement reads that the winner was an unemployed mum from Tallaght who will now hope to fulfil her dream of buying her own home. The lucky punter won the prize on an All Cash Extravaganza card.

She told

“I bought it on the way to visit a friend and scratched the card there. I couldn’t believe it when I saw I had won €500,000. I thought surely this is only €5,000. I went out to my car and rang my boyfriend to tell him. I locked myself into the car for ages trying to let the news sink in. I went back into my friends and finished my visit without saying anything and then went home.”

She added that she would now look to purchase the house that she has been renting.

Off to the shops we go to pick up a scratchy. Who’s with us?

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