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17th Aug 2022

‘Over 100 people’ spotted queueing for a rental house viewing in Drumcondra

Katy Thornton

rental house viewing

Another day, another demoralising look into Dublin’s renting crisis.

We’re all sadly used to the continuous bad news about Ireland’s housing crisis. Every day seems to bring another sad statistic about how this country is simply not fit for young people, but each piece of new info seems to sting as much as the last. This latest insight into the difficulties of renting in Dublin is no exception.

Last night, Conor Finn (@TheConorFinn) took to Twitter to share his experience at a house viewing. Or at least, his experience of waiting for a house viewing. In the photos he shared online, “over 100 people” can be seen waiting in line to see a rental property.

45 minutes after his initial tweet, Finn shared the progress, or lack thereof, and admitted that he “left the queue after no real movement or chance of viewing the house“. He continued, saying “people were still joining the end of the queue” as he left.

A second person Ben O’Donnell (@BenODonnellO) also shared scenes from the queue, stating that Ireland is “No country for young people.” It took over an hour for O’Donnell to get inside and he later told The Journal that he was not hopeful he would secure the rental house post viewing.

The rental property was a three bedroom house going for €1850, which may be why so many queued for a house viewing, according to The Journal.

Header image via Twitter/TheConorFinn

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