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21st May 2020

Pantibar issues statement as hand washing station ‘vandalised again’

Brian Dillon

Pantibar issues statement as hand washing station 'vandalised again'

The public handwashing station on the doors of Pantibar on Capel Street has been vandalised. In a statement on their Instagram, bar management explained that this wasn’t the first time that the station had been vandalised and that because of this, they had to make the decision to remove it completely.

In the Instagram post, they said:

“We are heartbroken to say that the public handwashing station we installed in March has been vandalised again.”

They added, “Unfortunately due to this happening so frequently and even with our best efforts to keep it secure, we have no choice but to remove it for fear of it causing flooding and damage inside Panitbar if it is destroyed again.

“We hope you all understand, this decision was not taken lightly but the actions of a small number of individuals have caused this unfortunate conclusion.

“Mind each other, keep safe and be kind. We will see you all soon once our flamboyant doors open again.”

The handwashing station, consisting of a working tap and soap dispenser, appeared on the doors of Pantibar in March.

One Twitter user described it as “a great idea especially for the homeless people in Dublin who don’t have access to facilities to protect themselves.”

Another said, “Panti Bliss: Queen. Hero. Hand washer.”

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