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15th Mar 2018

PICS: Two Dublin Beer Companies Have Gone To War Over Advertising Campaigns


If there’s one thing Dubs get pretty worked about, it’s a good pint. Beer cider or stout, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s cold and delish. 

We’re all for new brewing companies creating new beverages and healthy competition in the beer scene if it means we get more choice in the pub. 

And if Irishtown Brewing’s latest ad campaign is anything to go by we can expect the healthy competition between Irish beer companies to continue. 

You might remember Dublin Blonde put up a Dublin Blonde Lager mural on the wall of a pub in Dublin 2 last year, and then Hop House 13 also put up a mural on the wall of a pub in Dublin 2…

The plot thickens: the Hop House 13 mural became the centre piece of Hop House advertising campaign. 

So now Dublin Blonde have a pretty cheeky rebuttal with their latest ad…


Irishtown Brewing creators said: “How are we supposed to compete when everyone is just trying to squash the little guy?” 

Big, small, whatever. Irish beers are ALL amazing…

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