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09th Jul 2018

Locals Angry Over Sex Offenders Rehab Centre Set Up In This Dublin Area

Darragh Berry

98FM’s Dublin Talks had a caller online on Monday who said that over the last ten weeks there has been secret therapy meetings for sex offenders.

The caller, who was talking to Jeremy Dixon, said that the suspicion started growing when multiple people began asking a local shop where “10A Church Place” was which was an unused building for years.

However, she said that the community of Sallynoggin was shocked to learn that an alleged ‘Sex Offender rehabilitation centre’ was being set up there and meetings were taking place for both contact and non-contact sex offenders.

She said that the meetings are organised by FPS – Forensic Psychological Services and that it has been moved from its original base in Dun Laoghaire to Sallynoggin.

The callers main concern was the safety of people in the area when these meetings were taking place.

The centre where the meetings are held is near two schools – one primary and one secondary – as well as a creche and a youth club.

As well as this, meetings for people who have been victims of sexual assault take place in the vicinity and the caller is afraid that locals could be endangered.

“They closed the centre out of threats of violence but we’ve only ever had peaceful protests,” she told Dublin Talks.

“People need rehabilitation but the children of Sallynoggin are vulnerable, what if one of these people reoffend, how are we supposed to know they are fully rehabilitated, they’ve done it once before what’s not to say they won’t do it again?”

FPS told the radio station that it had “no plans for a rehabilitation centre in Sallynoggin and the director of the service will be meeting locals to discuss any issues or worries they may have.”

You can listen to the six minute discussion here.

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