PIC: These Two World Famous Celebrities Are In Dublin Tonight And They're Well Worth Finding

You'd have some night out with these

Steve Coogan And John C Reilly Main

If you could go on a night out with two celebrities, these two would be on the top of the list.

They've been in Dublin all day promoting their brand new film, Stan & Ollie and Steve Coogan and John C.Reilly look to be hanging around for the night.

The pair were spotted leaving Dublin's Westbury Hotel and will of course, be on tonight's Late Late Show.

So we're expecting them to go for a few scoops after...

Here's Coogan pictured with Niall Ring.

Their new movie follows the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy and has been released on Friday.

Coogan said about the movie that: "It was a bit of a risk and we were both anxious about playing such iconic characters who are admired by so many people.

"Audiences are laughing and crying at it which is good."

John added: 'We had to recreate a partnership that lasted 30 years in three weeks."

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