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WATCH: McGregor’s Da Has Gone On Another Social Media Rant And It’s Worse Than The ‘Coinage’ One

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Conor McGregor’s Da is about go viral all over again with another bizarre social media post.

Tony took to Instagram to share his disgust about not being able to go on his boat because of the Irish weather.

He planned to take the boat from Dun Laoghaire to Howth harbour to have some lunch and meet a few friends.

“Conditions are looking good to take the 188 out over to her sister port in Howth.

“There’s a bit of a sea-mist here, but we are looking at good conditions so we shouldn’t have any problems,” he said at the beginning but this was the calm before the storm for McGregor.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t take the 188 out this afternoon. It turned out there was a sea-mist, so because of safety issues I decided to abandon the project.

“If the mist lifts later I will take her over, and sorry if I disappointed anyone, hopefully I can over later this afternoon, weather permitting.

You can watch his famous ‘coinage’ rant here.

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