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PIC: This Tallaght Driver’s Replacement For Their Wing Mirror Is Laughable But Seriously Illegal

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The effort of replacing a car part can often be a pain in the you know what.

But the guilt of getting caught without something by the Gardaí always overrides your laziness so more often than not, you get it replaced immediately.

But this driver in Tallaght is really living on the edge with this hilarious but extremely illegal replacement for their wing mirror.

Tallaght Wing Mirror Blurred

Image by Johnny Edmonds.

In fairness, it is better than having no wing mirror at all but a bathroom mirror and a bit of elastic band is never going to be enough to pass the NCT.

Also, we can’t see it holding on for too long if you’re bombing it down the motorway at 120km/h.

We blurred out the number plate because we’re sound like that but if you are looking out for the car in the Tallaght area, it won’t be too hard to spot it.

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