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05th Oct 2022

The first of Dublin’s Christmas Lights have gone up

Katy Thornton

dublin's christmas lights

Yes, we know it’s only October.

We are acutely aware. But nevertheless, given the energy crisis, the cost of living crisis… hell the housing crisis if we’re going to just list them all, it’s nice to read a bit of wholesome news. And there is something inherently special about the Christmas lights we see annually in Dublin, so I for one am excited to hear the first of them have gone up.

For those who just can’t deal with Christmas coming ahead of Halloween, fear not. These lights won’t be switched on until mid-November.

Image via DublinTown via Leon Farrell, Photocall Ireland

You will find the first of Dublin’s 2022 Christmas lights on South Anne Street; there will be 25 streets of lights in total.

DublinTown has commenced putting up the city’s Christmas lights so they are ready for switch on in mid-November. This year the 25 streets of lights will have energy efficient spectacular lighting for the festive season.  

DublinTown has been in charge of illuminating Dublin for Christmas for the last 13 years, and have adapted in light (no pun intended) of the energy crisis to ensure we can still enjoy the lights. For example, this year the lights on Grafton Street will only use one third of the electricity used by just one home electric shower.

Lighting up Dublin is no easy task; according to DublinTown, “it takes 30 people working through the night, over 4 weeks and over 200 hours to completely erect all the lights.”

We hope the news of Dublin’s first Christmas lights has brightened (again, no pun intended) your day as much as it brightened ours.

Header image via DublinTown via Leon Farrell, Photocall Ireland

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