Stoneybatter café gets candid about price hikes following backlash

By Katy Thornton

October 4, 2022 at 5:05pm


"I wish I could sell sandwiches at less than a tenner, but it's not possible."


Another day, another café having to explain their recent price increases. While it's completely understandable that people are frustrated by the recent string of price increases in almost everything, Jenny of the Provender & Family café took to Instagram to get super candid about the reasons behind their own price hikes.

The Stoneybatter café took to Instagram to explain why they have had to increase the price of their goods. Jenny started off by saying they were making a statement following "a few bad reviews which have pricing as their main complaint."


She went on to explain that the price increases have nothing to do with lining their own pockets, or any attempt to swindle anyone out of money.

"I know it's disappointing, but we simply cannot go on in business when all our costs are going up without hiking up the prices. That means sandwiches costs over 12 and coffees over 3.60. I apologise for this - we really don't like it either. We do love making food and coffee for you, and want to keep the doors open. Lights on and staff paid."

The Stoneybatter café isn't the only one feeling the pinch, as cafés all over the country, as well as Dublin, have had to change things up to stay afloat. While some have decided to close on certain days, or close altogether, many have opted for price increases as a way of remaining open.

We feel for any café that's struggling to make these decisions lately.


Header images via Instagram/provenderandfamily

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