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25th Jul 2017

The Hill 16 Dublin Flag Has Been Banned From Croke Park


Hill 16 in Croke Park holds a very special place in Dublin fan’s hearts, with the terrace being a sea of blue for every game.

Legend says that it was built with some of the rubble from 1916 Rising, which gives the area of a great sense of history and pride.

But today it’s been revealed that the huge Dublin flag that is usually passed around the seating area is to be banned.

According to 98FM, Dublin Fire Brigade have banned the big flag from games as it poses a fire and security threat.

Fans and supporters are not happy and are waiting to see whether a compromise can be reached.

Inner City Councillor Christy Burke spoke to 98FM News and told them the news is true: “Dublin Fire Brigade advised that large flags should not be allowed into the stadium as they are flammable items which pose a fire risk”.

This is a huge shake-up for the stadium’s traditions, and we’re just waiting to see whether it plays out or not.

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