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28th Dec 2017

The Most Expensive School In Ireland Has Been Revealed


The most expensive school in Ireland is St Columba’s in Whitechurch, new figures have shown.

The Dublin institution charges €8,000 a year for day pupils and up to €22,800 for boarders.

The school’s principal, Mark Boobbyer, told The Irish Times that there has been much more interest in the school in recent times.

“In 2008, we kept the school full, but we kept it full largely with overseas children . . . because Irish people couldn’t afford to pay the fees,” he said.

“But what we’re seeing now is more money around, and there’s more interest in boarding, I think; that’s a trend we’re seeing generally.”

Most private schools in Ireland raised their fees by about 4% on average this year, with standard day pupil fees ranging between €3,500 and €7,000.

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