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12th Feb 2018

The Script Were Seriously Sound To Fans Waiting In Line For Their Gig At 3Arena


You hear sometimes about famous musicians being a little bit diva-ish or having no time at all for the fans before a big concert… Sure they have to warm up those pretty vocal chords, we guess. 

The Script, however, are officially the soundest band to play in Dublin’s 3Arena yet. 

As fans queued up outside the venue ahead of Friday night’s gig, we can only imagine how hungry they must have been. Standing in line will do that to ya. 

So when The Script came out to deliver goddamn PIZZA?! The band’s legendary status just got bumped up a notch.

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Turns out that Friday was #nationalpizzaday (if you missed it, pretend it’s today!) so The Script teamed up with Domino’s Pizza to sort out the fans waiting outside with piping hot and delish Pepperoni Passion and Cheese & Tomato pizzas.

As for Danny and the gang? They saved their pizzas for after the show. 

Best pizza delivery ever?!

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