This Infographic Shows The Difference In Dublin Rent Along Each Luas Line has just released the information today

Rental Map

This infographic has just been released by revealing the difference in prices along each Luas line.

The map shows that the green Luas line is the most expensive to live beside. The accommodation site revealed that commuters living along the green line spend an average of €1,444 on rent a month, while the average to live by the DART is  €1,418, and the Luas red line is  €1,271.

Take a look at the infographic below.

Rail Map  Dublin  Rents


There are 85 stations featured in the map, but only Fettercairn (€997), Citywest Campus (€971) and Cheeverstown (€869) have an average less than €1,000 for monthly rents.

The most expensive stations to live by are Spencer Dock (€1,802), Sandymount (€1,791) and Dalkey (€1,743).

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