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01st Feb 2017

This ‘Repeal’ Bus Is Set To Hand Out Abortion Pills In Cities And Colleges Across The Country


With the whole world up in arms at the moment, it seems like every body is striking for rights. 

But who else can say they’re bussing for rights?

The charity Rosa Ireland (Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism & Austerity), initiated by women in the Socialist Party, with the aim of promoting and organising events, actions and campaigning activity on the issues mentioned is planning to distribute abortion pills to different areas and third level institutions around the country. 

This act is happening in direct response to the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution (giving equal status to the unborn and mother) and the government neither holding nor placing a date for a referendum on the law.

According to the Journal, the bus, aptly named ‘Bus 4 Repeal’ will commence its journey in the capital on March 6. 

Img2 Thejournal

The bus route is as follows:

Monday, March 6 – University College Dublin,
Waterford IT, Cork City

Tuesday, March 7 – University College Cork,
Limerick City,
Galway City

Wednesday, March 8 – NUI Galway, NUI Maynooth,
Dublin City

The times allocated to each place are in the poster above. 

For more information and daily updates, check out the ROSA Facebook page or the event page for ‘Bus 4 Repeal’event page for ‘Bus 4 Repeal’ in their quest for bodily autonomy. 

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